Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ebooks verses printed paperbacks

Bad news?

In my journey to be published it has come to my attention that my publishing company has been making some major changes, which not all authors are happy about, but I will only speak of my situation.

My publisher is cutting out mass-market paperbacks and gearing to make a huge dent in the ebook industry. I’ll admit, I’m disappointed that my book will not be traditionally printed, but after talking with my publisher, I’m very excited about where ebooks are headed and since it is my first novel, I’m still happy to have a publisher. Whether I become a success with my publisher or not, I still believe it’s a great stepping-stone.

It was also fun to talk about new marketing strategies for ebooks and what avenues have been taken and the one that haven’t. This is my first opportunity and I’m going to make the most of it. I can’t poo-poo what I don’t know or haven’t experienced, right?

With the all of the digital reading devices out and those to come out, more and more people will accept the convenience of having all their books in one place, to take wherever they want. Each generation will view ebooks as the more widely accepted medium and print on demand technology will make it easy to get a paperback if you really wanted one.