Sunday, May 22, 2011

My First Review

I will not use this forum to advertise my reviews (at least not individually), but I recently got my first on UNHINGED from I figured reviews to be part of the normal publishing process and expected to get them at some point, but it's more exciting that I imagined (because it was a great review, obviously).

The person who gave me 4.5 stars out of 5 is named Candy and that's all I know about her. Someone who wasn't my friend or family or part of Medallion Publishing actually read it and liked it. It's affirmation that I really didn't think I needed, but appreciate nonetheless. I can proudly point it out to everyone on Facebook and send the link to my family. This website I've never heard of before has made this real for me, almost like a slap to my face.

Sure, this "first" will be one of many in the process. There will be my first interview, my first reading, the first novel purchased, etc. If this is any indication of things to come, I know I'll value every aspect of the journey. That's the reason I'm keeping this blog after all. One day I might have fans, some aspiring writers, that find this blog and think its cool to look back to the beginnings when I was struggling to have my work read. As insignificant as all this is in relationship to well-established, proven authors, the first good review they ever got probably brings a smile to their faces also.

If interested, check it out. Again, and search for Unhinged.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fish or cut bait?

I just received a very flattering rejection from an agent that had been exclusively looking at a new manuscript. I was sure she would take me on. Of course, I was disappointed, but also energized, as now I have an awesome manuscript to shop around, while I go back to edit previous novels.

I'm sure many writers are at a point where they have to consider the timing of things. How long do you let that finished novel sit, waiting for an agent or publisher to pick it up. Die hard writers, like myself, are probably thinking each book is like a bullet in thier gun. If the fourth or fifth book gets published, then they can fire off the others.

But, having success with one book might not convince an publisher that the previous books will be saluable. So, as a writer, do I decide to publish it myself as an ebook? Maybe there's a chance I could build up a following if I do all the marketing and advertising myself. If I don't, then my books may never see the light of day. Oye!

The ebook craze is still in its early stages. Things are in flux. Agents are scrambling. Publishers are leary. Non-fiction is exclipsing fiction. What the hell?

Settle down. Breathe.

For any inspiring writers that read this, if your writing is at a point where other writers (not readers) are complimenting your work, then stick with trying to go the traditional route. If your writing is not there yet and you are being (honestly if not roughly) critiqued by your writing peers, then you need to listen to them and not be stubborn or hurt, but understand the why.

As I write this, I'm thinking blah, blah, blah. What am I saying? Boiling it down, if you do this for pleasure, then ebook, by all means. If you want a career as an author; get an agent.