Saturday, September 15, 2012

Third word is "spurious"

spurious - adjective says:
1. not genuine, authentic, or true; not from the claimed, pretended, or proper source; counterfeit.
2. Biology . (of two or more parts, plants, etc.) having a similar appearance but a different structure.
3. of illegitimate birth; bastard.

Page twelve into the book and three words I've had to look up. It's so...refreshing to read something from the 1960's. There's no internet, no social media and no cell phones. These characters talk in conversation that most times had little meaning but mean so much. Can this generation imagine a life where you didn't watch hours of television and you didn't play video games or sit in front of  laptop? Can they imagine no cell phones? I grew up at the end of that era, when a pick up game of football or baseball was our entertainment. I rode my bike to my friend's houses to talk or play board games or swim. Obese children wasn't a concern on the nightly news.

There was an arcade called "Space Port" in the Plaza mall by my house that was filled with pinball machines and I remember going in there one day when I was in my early teens and seeing a Space Invaders machine amongst all the pinball machines. It looked like a sports car sitting on a lot full of junkers. I remember thinking that this is going to change everything. My favorites were Defender and John Elway's football, but that was "spurious" to say the least. Ha ha.

But, in Confederacy of Dunces, once you adjust to the thought processes of these characters, it becomes very addicting. If it wasn't for the "comedic" value in this book, the sad reprocussions of Ignatius' psychological problems and dillusions would just be too troubling.

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