Saturday, February 9, 2013

UNHINGED for free

First, let me inform my tens of fans that my novel UNHINGED will be available for a free download starting February 15 for two weeks. At least, that is my publisher's plan. There is a chance that it may be delayed or not happen at all if there is a problem with the distributor, but I'm planning on it all working out. So, be on the lookout at your favorite ebook stores. I must warn you that Unhinged is graphic in some places and has much adult content, but you can't go wrong if you like thrillers.

Well, so much for me to consistantly write my blog using Confederacy of Dunces words. There are just too many irons in the fire; too much on the plate; being pulled in too many directions; in other words, too much life...

One day when I'm writing for a living, things should open up to let me write more interesting stuff in a blog. I saw one of these country singers the other day going on about his workout routine he does about two hours a day. Who the hell has two hours a day to work out? It's hard enough for working class people to take a crap ten minutes out of their day, not to mention the temptation of cheap, fast, fatty food on every corner. Once I'm writing full time, I'm sure my six pack abs will become a priority.

So, my agent informs me the new year will start with a fresh barrage to new publishers for Bloodwater. It is a fantastic book that follows a paramedic's true accounts of the days during the flooding of Hurricane Katrina, but is also involved in a fictitious murder. We've gotten many flattering rejections from the Big-6, so I'm one of the next tier publishers should take it, right.

Look out for a free copy of Unhinged and I look forward to your reviews (but only if you like it).

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