Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cover of Snow

This is a review of COVER OF SNOW by author Jenny Milchman.

This novel starts off with the most intersting of premises, which I've learned from the author herself, doesn't want given away, even though the reader learns of it in the first chapter. So, with respect to the author, I won't speak of it. I will say this event drives the protagonist, as well as the novel, into dangerous, spine-tingling situations in this snowy small town that Stephen King would be proud of.

But, this isn't King, or James Bond, or Patterson where unbelievable events are participated in by the psychotic or super-smart. These characters are part of a small town where each connection is believable and she show respect to the reader in not holding thier hand through events that make sense when dealing with corruption, cover-ups, and just the inherent evil some people possess.

As with most novels, there are some directions the author took that I question. It would be hard to say without giving away that first chapter, but I'll just say after reading the entire book, Nora's husband had other choices, but in making a different choice, it wouldn't be the same book. And the ending is very satisfying in the same tone as the entire book, however, I think the climax could have been drawn out a little longer. (Yes, this coming from an author who has been criticized for the same thing in my own book UNHINGED.)

All in all, I give Cover of Snow 4 out of 5 stars. It was an entirely enjoyable read and kept me returning to it in my spare time where many novels are simply forgotten in my busy schedule. Be warned, once you enter the pages of this small town, you may find it hard to escape!!

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