Sunday, November 24, 2013


If you love thrillers and if you love historical fiction and you are a member of, then volunteer to be a test reader for my manuscript BLOODWATER. This manuscript had been agented (currently not agented) and placed in front of editors of major publishing companies and rejected, but with flattering remarks. I feel like the manuscript is primed to go, but I get the impression the editors don't think it will sell, as this is more of a business than anything else.

At the moment, I am collecting test readers and you must be a member of and join the group "BLOODWATER Test Readers" so you can post your review and comments.

If you email bloodwater.reader(at)aol(dot)com, I will email blast everyone IN JANUARY a pdf of Bloodwater formatted for e-readers. Here is a description of the manuscript:

BLOODWATER delves into a fictitious murder that takes place in the days before, during, and after the flooding of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The reader will follow the TRUE accounts of Paramedic Evan Pelicano as he is saddled with the sixteen year old daughter of his slain friend Officer Jeremy Scarlet. At first, the paramedics and police officers navigate the floodwater trying to save residents, but then Evan finds he needs to save himself as well as protect his friend's daughter from the killer among them, all the while determined to reunite with his girlfriend, the Chief Deputy Coroner of New Orleans.

To recap, join Goodreads, join the group BLOODWATER Test Readers, and email bloodwater.reader(at)aol(dot)com. I will email the manuscript in January and then the discussions will begin.

Thanks everyone!

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